Are You Ready to Change?
Prepare the changes TODAY for a better TOMORROW!
 Only in Times of Adversity,  
Our Eyes will be Open Wide.
We can see Happiness only we had met Sadness. Therefore, the time after coronavirus is the best timing to making changes for a better tomorrow for yourself and your companions.

Let’s get prepared today.

FREE LIVE Session:
疫 症 之 後 … 
Change After Dawn
+ Plus, We'll share with you the local Survey Result about the changes in the post-pandemic period and understand how others cope with the adversity.

  Wednesday, April 29th
@ 16:00 - 17:00

What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
#1: Individual Changes in Adversity 
(from Psychological Perspective)
  • People resist to changes naturally?
  • ​Love-Hate Cycle in changes
#2: Survey of Change
After Dawn
  • Top 3 actions to do after coronavirus is gone
  • ​What is the major long-term change of people after gone through the pandemic experience
  • Top 3 direction to deal with the future changes after dawn
#3: How to Facilitate Individuals to Change
  • 2 Core Pathways to leading to individual changes
  • ​What action to take to deal with each factor of resistance to changes
  • ​Change Components Matrix to let you know what to do purposefully to facilitate people change
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